Proven Social Media Plans

Proven Social Media Plans
Proven Social Media Plans
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What are the First Steps of Social Media Promotions

The first step of any social media promotional plans is to understand the client business. A social media consultant must first find out the aims and the missions of the company, as it is what must be used in the promotions. This includes the confirmations of the target audiences, places, age groups and other industry related data. This can be used in the social media websites to follow related users. The process of the user interactions and the engagements can be based on these data. Make sure that your social media agency covers this information before the work starts.


Usage of Hash Tag in Social Media

Using HashTags is a better way to promote and get find your product and service information. The business can also create unique hash tags for a better brand awareness. Usage of hashtags also helps in better indexing in the search engines. This also makes the chance to get the old post for the audiences. These hashtag strategies can be used with the social media engagements stated below.


Social Media Activities to Follow a Week

Social Media Activites Websites Table

You can start with the weekly posting of company information with attractive graphic images and catchy descriptions. Those associated Users can share the posts to make it available to his/her followers. The post can also be shared in the industry related groups by unique description and related image posts. Activities such as following similar posted type of users and targeted users can be performed. Also make sure that you reply or comments to the similar posts submitted by other users as part of the social media engagement. This builds the trust within the users too. On a weekly basis this also produces the responding to the posts interacted with other users of your previous week’s activities.


How to Set up Social Media Plans?

You can create your own social media plans by the activities stated above. Based upon the works of posting, post sharing, liking similar posts, group posting, following similar posts and replying to the related users below are the number of activities per social media website. Creating a social media plans of 100 activities.


Social media interactions and Activities Per Websites

Google Plus = 22
Linkedin = 21
Pinterest = 17
Twitter = 17
Facebook = 22
Last Week Works
TOTAL = 100


These activities are organic and not paid. The above social media plans only involves the user interactions and the social media engagements. This does not involve any paid marketing methods in social media websites.


Portfolio of the Social Media Activities

The above plans of the social media interactions were executed at the end of 2013 for a web design company in India. The strategy also included the blog posting with optimization. The weekly visitors were seen rising. Activities Performed on – 2013 November – December. Below are the part of the sample work report on the Social Media Activities.

work report on the Social Media Activities



How the Website Visitors was Increased with the social media activities

Contact for this Social Media Promotional Plan

If you have any doubts or questions contact the author at Before you start to hire any social media marketing agency, make sure you get reports of work activities of posting, sharing, replying and other social media interactions. Analyze the website performance on how website visitors come from the social media. Before you start, take a look at the sample reports of this social media plan.

View Work Report

Find below a social media marketing plan reports done – 2014 – May Week 3

2014: May- 12 to May 17

You can find the strategies used with the 100+ weekly activities