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Today SEO is not just improving the keyword ranking, it’s now implementing the Website Marketing Plans and beyond. SEO Specialists must be focused on increasing the website traffic getting the sales and conversions too. If you can go through this content I have added below, how I can deal with the website projects, the following are my style of working.


Working in SEO Search Engine Optimization

I have taken part in SEO projects happening with the creation and submission of SEO audit reports to the clients. Once we confirm an SEO project I likes to understand the client business, because it is important to go to the data such as client business products, services and potential, targeted audience and places, aims and missions to build up a promotional SEO plan. My next move would in studying the client industry and dealing with the process of competitive analysis to know myself how much effort I need to put for the project. I love to improve the website design quality in making suggestions in layouts, color combinations, typography and much more for a better user experience. I manage the designers and the developers as Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Manager for the website is made faster in loading and SEO friendly that needs the design and coding changes. I take care of the process of keyword research in finding highly searchable and related keywords to add the contents in proper manner and giving meta details as part of on-site optimization. I love the process of planning, scheduling and implementing the strategies involving the client business promotional activities along with account and profile creations as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist. The last and challenging stage is to move on with the analysis of website; creating keyword ranking reports as well as website performance reporting that every Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Analyst must perform.

Working in Social Media Marketing SMM

I have been taking part in the promotions in the Social Media for a better brand awareness. I understand the style of promotion for each of the social media websites I get involved in the client business related content creations with the graphic designers to go viral in social media along with the management of hashtags. I used to apply social media strategies for getting shares, likes and similar user supports. Find out my social media works portfolio reports.

Project Coordination with the Team

SEO team manager, team member management.

I have also been associated in managing the team as part of the website solution project for the clients of my company where I have worked. I understands the client website requirements and provide solutions in the functionalities, user interface, look and feel. I have managed the designers and developers and monitors the progress of the project for an effective project completion on time.

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Skype: “seomid.com” or “shahan.calicut”
Email: “info@seomid.com”
WhatsApp: “+919995 966 988″
Meet me at Dubai: Just Dial: 0563 178 260



Roles that I can be the Part of your Company

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Digital Marketing Manager

Internet Marketing Manager

Online Marketing Manager

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Manager

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Analyst

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Expert

Senior Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Lead

Online Marketing Content Writer

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Manager


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